Training in Chinese Herbal Medicine

The RCHM is committed to maintaining standards of professional excellence in the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) in the UK. This is why a degree-level qualification in CHM from a UK educational institution independently accredited by the EHTPA (European Herbal & Medicine Practitioners Association) is the core requirement for new members.

Studying on an EHTPA-accredited course has many advantages. In particular:

  • Learning to Practise Safely and Legally – EHTPA accredited courses ensure that students are taught and assessed on the key competencies going towards making a properly trained professional Chinese herbalist. These include in depth training on individual herbs and formulae, plant chemistry, pharmacognosy, good dispensary practice and herbal medicines law.
  • Supervised Clinical Training – Central to EHTPA-accredited courses is the inclusion of a substantial number of carefully supervised clinical hours. This is essential to understanding how CHM works in practice, and allows students to graduate with confidence, ready to start practising independently. There are a number of courses that advertise themselves as a ‘short-cut’ to learning CHM but do not contain a substantial clinical component. In our experience, students on these courses often do not feel confident to practise after completion and do not continue to be active herbalists.
  • Student Satisfaction Put First - The EHTPA accreditation process is continuous, putting the student experience at its heart. On an EHTPA accredited course, you can be assured that course leaders, lecturers and clinical supervisors will strive to create, and maintain, high student satisfaction, with students fully supported in all aspects of their learning.
  • Free RCHM Student Membership - Students on EHTPA-accredited courses are eligible for free Student Membership of the RCHM with full member benefits and access to resources, CPD, events and community support. Apply for Student Membership here.
  • Continued RCHM Support After Graduation - Students graduating from EHTPA-accredited courses automatically qualify for entry to the RCHM on the New Practitioner Scheme (NPS). Members on the NPS have the support from a regular supervisor to ensure that they feel individually supported and able to give the best care to their patients in those crucial first 2 years in practice. After that, the RCHM provides a number of services which support members in running a successful and satisfying practice. Please see here for further info on the advantages of being an RCHM member.

Entry through interview for practitioners with overseas qualifications - For practitioners who have gained their qualifications overseas, we welcome applications for membership from anyone who is confident that they have achieved a high enough level of practice. They must be willing to present evidence of their CHM qualifications and experience in an interview with members of the RCHM Council. Stringent checks will be made to ensure these candidates have covered the set course material and have met the standards of practice required by the EHTPA.

Courses offered by EHTPA accredited institutions

Professional Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine at Northern College of Acupuncture, York

Tel: 01904 343 305


Professional Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the White Crane Academy of CHM