Training in Chinese Herbal Medicine

The RCHM is committed to maintaining standards of professional excellence in the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) in the UK. This is why a degree-level qualification in CHM from a UK educational institution independently accredited by the EHTPA (European Herbal & Medicine Practitioners Association) is the core requirement for new members. However, as an organisation we accept (and embrace) the fact that not all practitioners reach professional excellence on the same path. The RCHM understands that the required level of training and experience won't always be gained from a particular kind of institution, and that the focus of our practice makes it inevitable that some members will have gained qualifications overseas.

We welcome applications for full membership from anyone who is confident that they've achieved a high enough level of practice, and are willing to present evidence of their CHM qualifications and experience in an interview with members of the RCHM Council. Stringent checks will be made to ensure these candidates have covered the set course material and have met the standards of practice required by the EHTPA.

Student membership of the RCHM

If you are currently a student of Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Northern College of Acupuncture, or of the White Crane Academy of Chinese Herbal Medicine, you can be a student member of the RCHM.

Courses offered by EHTPA accredited institutions

Professional Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine at Northern College of Acupuncture, York

Tel: 01904 343 305


Professional Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the White Crane Academy of CHM