For Practitioners

The RCHM is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to promoting Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM). We're a diverse community of motivated and highly skilled individuals who've come to CHM via many different routes, but who are all sustained by the knowledge that every day our unique form of medicine is offering significant benefits to patients. As practitioners, we often work closely alongside GPs and specialists in Western-style medicine (as well as other complementary health practitioners) to give patients the very best level of care. By offering a unique perspective on health and disease, Chinese Herbal Medicine and its allied practices can often succeed where other medical approaches have struggled to help.


The RCHM has strict requirements for membership that help us uphold strict professional standards; for details, see Joining the RCHM

Getting Qualified

People take different routes to achieving the level of professional qualifications and experience we require for membership; for details, see Training in CHM

Safe ingredients

An important part of the RCHM's work is helping safeguard the public. One way we do this is to offer practitioners access to a list of companies whose herbal supplies have passed a stringent medical audit; for details, see Approved Suppliers Scheme

Growing botanical knowledge

The garden created by a partnership between the RCHM and the Botanic Garden of the University of Bristol offers a focus for both CHM teaching and conservation, as well as comprising a living collection of medicinal herbs; for details, see RCHM Chinese Herb Garden

Reduction on insurance

RCHM members are able to benefit from a reduced rate on professional insurance via a bulk-insurance scheme from specialist brokers Balens, which covers practitioners in their use of Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture and any other allied practices they have trained in; for details, see Professional insurance

Further information

There are a number of other organisations that help promote Chinese Herbal Medicine and its allied practices – for details, see Useful links