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The RCHM's press contact is Helen Chuntso. You can email Helen at, or call her on 07956 292 130.

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Every 6 months, the RCHM runs public information weeks, called Getting to the Root. Through articles, patient stories and research, we aim to show how Chinese Herbal Medicine can provide effective and safe relief from many conditions.

Press Releases/Statements

For newsworthy events or interesting developments in the world of Chinese Medicine, the RCHM issues press releases:

- RCT of a Chinese Herbal Formula for Covid-19 approved by FDA (27/09/21)

- RCHM Statement on the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine to support IVF cycles (28/02/23)

- RCHM Press Release response to Daily Mail Article (25.04.23)

The RCHM's response to news about Chinese Herbal Medicine

As a body of highly qualified professionals with a passionate commitment to the form of medicine we practice, we always try to respond to news stories we feel have misinterpreted or misrepresented the facts in relation to Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM), especially as it relates to its practice in the UK.


Chinese Medicine used on at least 90% of COVID-19 patients

The RCHM's response

"We are proud of our TCM colleagues in China who are at the forefront of the treatment of COVID-19 in Chinese hospitals. The RCHM is monitoring with interest the research and information on this subject coming out of China and other countries, where it appears to be showing promise in the fight against this pandemic."


The tiger ‘gift’ that horrified Polish rescuers

The RCHM's response

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) was deeply saddened to read the BBC report of the plight of the nine tigers discovered at the Polish-Belarus border. The RCHM has always strongly condemned the use of tiger parts or any other substance that endangers an animal population or subjects animals to cruel practices.

In the UK, our practitioners adhere to a strict ban on prescribing animal products. The use of animal products has only ever formed a tiny part of the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine and most of these substances have ethical plant-based alternatives. The RCHM is committed to ensuring high standards of safety and ethics in the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK.


World's donkeys being 'decimated' by demand for Chinese medicine

The RCHM's response

We strongly condemn the use of any substance that endangers any animal population or subjecting them to cruel practices and believe it to be unethical and unnecessary in modern Chinese medicine. In the UK it is illegal for herbal practitioners to prescribe animal products.

We advocate ethical plant-based alternatives or the use of beef, pork or chicken gelatine as a dietary food supplement instead.