Getting to the Root

Welcome to the RCHM 'Getting to the Root' information weeks!

Every 6 months, the RCHM runs 'Getting to the Root' information weeks to make accurate information about Chinese Herbal Medicine available to the public. Our aim is to show why, for many conditions, CHM is such an effective and safe treatment choice.

By presenting informative articles, patient stories, and recent research, we hope to offer you a glimpse of what can be achieved for patients by skilled CHM practitioners. Week in, week out, RCHM herbalists treat members of the public for conditions which have no satisfactory conventional treatment. Many times they achieve significant improvements in the patient’s health and greatly reduce symptoms, in a lasting way.

Sometimes patients come to CHM as a last resort, having exhausted conventional treatment options. Sometimes they find that side-effects from their prescribed medications have too big an impact on their quality of life and they look for other options. Whatever their reason, their gratitude is palpable when the herbal medicine starts to work on their body and mind and their symptoms start to reduce.

When the patient is skillfully assessed and the nuances of Chinese medicine are understood, clinical results can often be remarkable. Thanks to their thorough training at post-graduate level, RCHM members have an in-depth understanding of Chinese medicine, ensuring the most effective treatment, and therefore best clinical result, for the patient.