Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
Maureen Cromey



Founder of Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Specialist

Maureen Cromey is a highly respected acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine specialist with 35 years of qualifications, training and experience. She is extremely down to earth, plain spoken and inherently reassuring to know. Having completed extensive training in China, Maureen Cromey is particularly good at treating whatever obscure and stubborn conditions she is presented with. She was the first to establish a Chiswick Clinic in 1987 and expanded to Harley Street in 2008.

Maureen Cromey's clinical practice was at a hospital in Guangzhou PRC in the 80s. This hospital combined Western Chinese medicine in most treatments. She found this inspirational and it was the sight of people paralysed by strokes having acupuncture and conventional medicine combined and achieving incredible results that confirmed her belief in this system. It is from this source that Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic have great respect for traditional medicine and sees a combination of both systems as the route to optimum health.

She is heavily involved in the British Acupuncture Council’s new codes of safe practice and frequently edits and writes for The European Journal of Oriental Medicine. She often interviews for the BBC.

Maureen has done further training in paediatric medicine, optimum nutrition, male and female infertility, obstetrics, qi gong clinical herbal medicine, Chinese massage and feng shui gong.

She treats a wide range of conditions but has a special interest in:

Working alongside conventional, medicinal treatments
Supporting pre & post operative care
Weight loss
Nutritional advice
Cosmetic / facial 'regeneration'
Pregnancy & Obstetrics
Stress & Anxiety
Fertility support

Practice address

Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic
26 Devonshire Road,
Chiswick, London,

United Kingdom
W4 2HD
0044 20 8747 4816
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