Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
Angela Di Benedetto



Angela Di Benedetto was always attracted to the Eastern Healing traditions but it was only when she stumbled into Qi Gong and Tai Chi that she knew that was her path and and embarked on a 10 year learning journey with her teacher. When looking to change careers, however, 21 years ago, she first qualified as a Sports Therapist and gained invaluable experience in treating musculo-skeletal conditions working with with professional and Olympic athletes. She graduated in TCM Acupuncture from Northern College of Acupuncture in 2013, where she also worked for the college as a Qi Gong teacher. In June 2021 she graduated as a Chinese Medicine Herbalist with the White Crane Academy.
Her approach to guiding patients through their healing journey has always been holistic, looking at every aspect of their life: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, work-life balance. She is passionate about living and eating according to the seasons and respecting our natural environment.

Practice address

3 Ravenfield,
Englefield Green,
United Kingdom
TW20 0TW