Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
Volker Scheid



Prof. Volker Scheid PhD, FRCHM, FBAcC

Volker Scheid grew up in a family engaged in the cultivation of medicinal herbs, and has practiced Chinese medicine since 1984, having studied in both the UK and China. In his practice, he specialises in gynaecology and internal medicine.

Volker is an internationally renowned teacher of Chinese medicine, and the main author of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (2nd ed), and Handbook of Chinese Herbal Formulas (both published by Eastland Press).

Besides his clinical practice, Volker has engaged in academic research on Chinese medicine from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including history, anthropology and clinical research. He was Director of the EASTmedicine (East Asian Science and Traditions in Medicine) Research Group at the University of Westminster from 2004 to 2018, He is the author of a number of two influential monographs: Chinese Medicine in Contemporary China (Duke UP 2002) and Currents of Tradition in Chinese Medicine, 1624-2000 (Eastland Press 2007).

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The Clinic @ Southbank
75 Roupell Street,

0207 928 8333
+44 7734 252993
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