Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
Samara Reid



Have been practicing Chinese Medicine 26 years including Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxabustion, Tui Na medical massage, Qi Gong healing, Reflexology, Reiki and studied Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture & Manika Meridian therapy with Stephen Birch in 2007.
I find light therapy to be very useful for pain and skin.
Derma rolling is available upon request.
Am interested in assisting in the management of pain conditions such as headache migraine muscular skeletal, immune support, Long Covid, sleep, stress and boosting energy levels for extreme well being.
I have completed a 2-year course "THE GOLD STANDARD of Facial Acupuncture" in America with ongoing study using a wide variety of modalities including sound & light to compliment herbal and acupuncture techniques.
As an NHS practitioner one sees a wide spectrum of health needs so just to add of course, all conditions are welcomed !

Special interests

- Tuina
- Qi Gong
- Dietary Therapy
- Pain Relief
- Women’s Health
- Sports Injury
- Dermatology
- Cancer Care
- Digestive Health
- Musculo-Skeletal Issues
- Mental Health
- Healing
- Sounding

Practice addresses

Gateway Clinic, Lambeth Community Centre
Monkton Street, Kennington,

SE11 4TX
0203 049 6910
07816 017 689

The Hale Clinic
The Hale Clinic,
4 Harley Street, London,

020 7631 0156
07816 017 689
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