Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
Mark Popplewell



Mark qualified in acupuncture in 2000, after a 4 year training with the Northern College of Acupuncture. He immediately began a further 3 year training in Chinese herbal medicine, qualifying in 2003. Practising from his home-based clinic, he keeps a large dispensary of (mostly powdered) herbs so that he can quickly make up a prescription. This he finds useful for many 'emergency' situations such as UTIs, chest and tooth infections, colds and coughs as well as having the resources to treat longer term problems.

Special interests

- Tai Chi
- Qi Gong
- Pain Relief
- Mental Health

Practice address

Thornhill Chinese Medicine Clinic
51 Glebe Gate,
Thornhill, Dewsbury,

WF12 0JX
01924 462261
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