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Gail Newton



I trained back in the early 90's and immediately fell in love with the herbs on the first day! I continued to gain confidence after a stint in Kunming in 1995. Then in 2016 a revolution happened in my practice....I was introduced to the study of the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui YaoLüe and shifted the emphasis of my practice from TCM to 6 Syndromes or as it is known, Jing fang, although of course, there is a constant overlap and dialogue between the 2 systems.
I have extensive experience in default really rather than planning. Most of my patients have been women and so I treated them for everything from menarche to menopause via fertility.

My passion for the medicine has never waned and I feel blessed to have been given a small window onto the wisdom of the ancients!

Special interests

- Acupuncture
- Chinese herbs
- Women’s Health
- Fertility
- Dermatology
- Neurological
- Digestive Health
- Jing Fang

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SE26 4NY
07889 485915
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