Online Resources

The following are helpful resources that are widely available for general use on many topics of Chinese Medicine including upcoming events that may be of interest.

RCHM YouTube video resources

The following videos are openly available for education and information purposes.

Chinese and European Herb Gardens (within the University of Bristol Botanical Garden)

Pao Zhi Herbal Processing Explained

Culture Garden video

Bristol Chinese Herb Garden Articles:

The BCHG Lotus Collection

Ethnopharmacy Display

COVID-19 resources

"Resources regarding the treatment of Covid-19 are for informational purposes only. The RCHM does not recommend that practitioners claim to be treating or preventing Covid-19. This contravenes both Advertising Standards Agency and Medicines and Herbal Regulating Authority guidelines."

The Lantern has issued a free to download issue of its journal dedicated to the study of epidemics:

Suzanne Robidoux has written a series of free articles on the subject of viral pneumonia treatments in China:

Various News Reports on treatment of COVID-19 and the use of Traditional Medicine

U.S. experts say traditional Chinese medicine shows promise in treating COVID-19

China's TCM experts share Covid-19 treatment methods with fellow doctors