There are now a great number of people in the UK claiming competence in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Some of them will have received proper training, and some of them may have not.

For your own safety and peace of mind it is strongly recommended that you consult members of an association which can demonstrate high standards of entry and ethical practice. The RCHM fulfils these requirements.

It should be noted that forged certificates are not unheard of, so please do not take a certificate alone as proof of membership, but use the RCHM to select your member.

If you cannot see members near you on the map, please make sure you press 'allow' when prompted by your browser to share your location, and try refreshing the page.

Note about Overseas members: All of our members undertake to observe the Register's Codes of Ethics & Practice. Nevertheless due to the constraints of geography, and also the legal and cultural differences that exist between countries, the Register is not able to oversee the practice of Overseas members, and nor can it investigate any allegations of misconduct that may arise. It should be noted that Overseas members are not necessarily covered by the RCHM's full professional indemnity insurance, nor by that of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). Patients seeking treatment from an Overseas RCHM member should assure themselves about the practitioner's insurance cover before commencing treatment.

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