This page has been designed to showcase some of the very fine work that the RCHM's Affiliated Colleges have produced.  For more information about the Colleges themselves please visit our "How can I train in CHM?" page.


Former London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine  Completed Herb MSc projects:

Measuring the Efficacy and Safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Treating Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (SAR)
Author: Jens Dethlefsen
Date: June 2008

Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Dry Blood type Tinea Pedis
Author: Marc Daniel Salmon
Date: March 2006

Does a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of “Liver” pathology provide guidance regarding the incidence of an adverse liver reaction to Oriental Herbal Medicine?
Author: Stefan Chmelik
Date: January 2008

Measuring the Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicines in Improving Female Fertility
Author: Trevor A. Wing
Date: May 2005

Posters displayed by University of Westminster MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine Students at the RCHM's AGM 2009

How did three Angelica species come to be in three different herbal categories
by Duncan McGechie

Understanding proposed changes to S12(1) of the 1968 Medicines Act with reference to two minerals; Shi Gao (Gypsum Fibrosum) and Hua Shi (Talc) by Rosalyn Burden


Other Posters displayed by University of Westminster MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine Students:

The law governing the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK: What does the future hold for our profession by Laura Jones & Brigitte Scheffold

Possible Substitutions for Fang Ji, Mu Tong and Xi Xin by Emma Herting & Kana Okada

What Laws Govern the Practice of CHM in Australia v. Germany? by Leonie Boffinger & Cinzia Scorzon

University of Westminster 
Completed Herb MSc projects:

How are practitioners and students of Chinese herbal medicine in the UK informed in their clinical choices? An analysis of the use of Xiao Yao San 逍遙散 and its modifications.
Author: Duncan McGechie
Date: July 2009

How reliable is the reporting of current studies on adverse effects of combining drug- herb in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases Authors: Xiao Qin She & Bo Ou Mander
Date: 2013

Phytoestrogens: Theoretical Concerns Versus Clinical Knowledge and Applications
Authors: Britta Engert & Yiota Panayiotis
Date: 2013

Does the Standard TCM Diagnosis for Menopause Accord With That of the University of Westminster Polyclinic?
Authors: Karen Ingman & Johannes Nigsch
Date: 2013

The use of Shi Gao and Ji Nei Jin are banned for use in Herbal Medicine, however they are legal to use in the food industry. Is this fair?
Authors: Amelia Christie & Simon Stueve
Date: 2013 

Due To Its Modern Usage Should Shan Zha Be Reclassified as a Herb That Regulates the Blood Rather Than a Herb that Relieves Food Stagnation?
Authors: Larry Whitbread and Joanna Groszewska
Date: 2013